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ArtHan Gallery

A brand new art space to host the representatives of plastic and digital arts.

A new meeting point for everyone who wants to be intertwined with art.

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We decided to implement the% 1 model, which was first launched by SalesForce under the leadership of Mark Benioff.


1-1-1 Model;

% 1 Time,% 1 Product,% 1 Profit


ArtHan committed to open up its resources and implement concrete projects in order to support the community and artists we live in.


% 1 Time: ArtHan team will use a total of 5 working days each year in their chosen social responsibility projects.


1% Product: Our art space will host the exhibitions and other events for 5 days free of charge.


1% Profit: We will transfer the cash flow from 1% of our Founding Stocks to art projects.

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